Nuclear Races Dryrobe Compression Storage Bag


Super space saver, Nuclear Races Dryrobe storage bag.

So the one complaint about our wonderful Dryrobes is how bulky they are to store and pack in your suitcase/back of the car for your hols/OCRWC etc. We had a chat with Dryrobe and they have now perfected their Dryrobe storage bag for us.

This new style Dryrobe storage bag is made of waterproof material with a rubber bung to allow you to squeeze much more air out and so greatly reduce the volume as well as making sure your Dryrobe is safe in a robust, splash proof, hardwearing bag.

Just follow these simple steps for a snug compactly stored Dryrobe.

1) Put your Dryrobe inside the bag.

2) Open the rubber bung.

3) Roll down the top of the bag whilst at the same time kneeling on it.

4) Clip down the top of the bag then once you have got as much air out as you can close the bung and stop kneeling on the bag.

5) if required reduce the volume still further by tightening the side straps on the bag.

6) All done now just pop your neatly stored Dryrobe in your suitcase/back of the car/panniers on your bike and off you go.

Note: We recommend making sure the Dryrobe is thoughly dry if storing in the bag for any length of time to avoid any mouldy surprises!